Nantong WeiMing Machinery CO., LTD.
Nantong WeiMing Machinery CO., LTD.

Established in 2003, Nantong WeiMing Machinery Co. is an excellent source for vehicle maintenance and repair equipment. Featuring innovative technologies that result in high performance and safety, our products include car lifts and tire changers that operate with various capacity levels. We have teams of R&D professionals and engineers who identify the weaknesses of traditional products and we implement measures to enhance the operation of our equipment to solve these issues. In addition to high quality equipment, we back our products up with outstanding services to ensure that our customers are satisfied long after they have received our car lifts or tire changers.

    1. Single Post Car Lift
    2. Single Post Car Lift Single post car lift is a kind of automobile repair equipment. It is also considered a space-saving parking lift that is perfect for used in limited space.
    1. 2 Post Car Lift
    2. 2 Post Car Lift Two post car lifts are widely used in the automobile maintenance industry. We supply various two-post car lift whose lift capacity can reach 4000kg.
    1. 4 Post Car Lift
    2. 4 Post Car Lift As a kind of wheel-engaging type auto lift, 4 post car lift has better carrying capacity because of its support structure of four post. Therefore, cars can be parked for a long time.
    1. Car Scissor Lift
    2. Car Scissor Lift Car scissor lift raises the car by its special structure under the channel. The lift structure looks like an accordion.
    1. Motorcycle Lift
    2. Motorcycle Lift With the lifting capacity of 1500 pounds and platform width of 720mm, the motorcycle lift provided by WeiMing can be applied to lift all types of motorcycle.
    1. Swim Arm Tire Changers
    2. Swim Arm Tire Changers In the process of using automatic tire change, the machine will put the lever on the groove of the hub automatically. Because of that, the workload of operators is reduced.
    1. Leverless Tire Changer
    2. Leverless Tire Changer The application of leverless tire changers can reduce the risk of damaging tires. Compared to other tire changers, leverless tire changers feature a demount fitting head and operating mode.
    1. Tilt Back Tire Changer
    2. Tilt Back Tire Changer

      Tilt back tire changer is no doubt the ideal choice of all plants. This tilt-back design simply offers operators more appropriate space.

    1. Heavy Duty Tire Changer
    2. Heavy Duty Tire Changer Heavy-duty tire changer can be used to service large tire with diameter of 63 inches and thickness of 30 inches. Therefore, it is suitable to handle the tire of truck
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